History and origins of Villa Taranto

Located in the picturesque setting of Lake Maggiore, Villa Taranto is a botanical paradise, born from the love and passion of the Scottish captain Neil mceacharn. Purchased in 1931, mceacharn transformed ordinary land into an extraordinary botanical garden, importing rare plants from every corner of the world. The goal was to create an English garden in Italy, a dream that today continues to enchant thousands of visitors every year.

Plant Life

Inside Villa Taranto, visitors can immerse themselves in a botanical collection without equal. The garden boasts over 20,000 varieties of plants, ranging from delicate azaleas, symbol of spring rebirth, to the majestic sequoias, silent witnesses of past centuries. This botanical diversity not only offers a year-round visual spectacle but is also an important conservation centre for many rare species.

Main Attractions

Every corner of Villa Taranto holds a surprise: the terraced gardens show the mastery of topiary art, while the Victoria greenhouse, with its gigantic water lily, represents a tropical microcosm. The maze of boxwood, with its intricate paths, invites you to discover, while the garden of the Dahlias, flourishing in late summer, is a triumph of colors and shapes.

How to reach it

Located in Verbania, Villa Taranto is easily accessible by car, with ample parking available, both by public transport, with stops in the immediate vicinity. Its location makes it easily accessible for tourists visiting Lake Maggiore.

A visit to Villa Taranto is not only an excursion to a botanical garden, but a journey into the history, art and beauty of nature. A unique experience that leaves in the heart and mind the memory of a place where nature is expressed in its most sublime form.


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