The Colossus of St. Charles Borromeo is a majestic statue located in Arona, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo, one of the most venerated saints of the Catholic Church.

The Colossus of St Charles Borromeo in Arona

The Colosso di San Carlo Borromeo towers over the town of Arona, offering an impressive panoramic view of Lake Maggiore. This extraordinary statue, erected to honour the 16th century cardinal saint, is an icon of faith and monumental architecture.

History and Significance:

The statue was commissioned in the 17th century by Federico Borromeo, archbishop of Milan and a relative of Saint Charles Borromeo. The work was completed in 1698 and represents the saint in an attitude of blessing, with his hand raised to protect the city and the lake below.

Technical characteristics:

The statue, over 35 metres high, is made of copper and bronze, giving it a golden sheen that captures the attention of anyone who approaches. It rests on an equestrian base, emphasising St. Charles’ connection to his era and his pastoral commitment.

Strategic position:

To climb to the top of the Colossus, visitors can walk up an internal staircase, enjoying spectacular views of the city and lake as they ascend. The elevated position of the statue emphasises its symbolic role as protector of the community.



Piligrimage and tourist attraction:

The Colossus of San Carlo Borromeo is both a place of pilgrimage and an important tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the history of the saint, enjoy the magnificent panoramic view and experience an atmosphere of unique spirituality.

How to reach the colossus:

The statue is easily accessible from the center of Arona. Visitors can follow the directions or opt for a leisurely stroll through the city to reach this iconic symbol.

The Colossus of San Carlo Borromeo is not only a religious monument, but also a symbol of the artistic and spiritual greatness that characterizes the region of Lake Maggiore. A visit offers a unique experience that blends faith, culture and scenic beauty.




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