Heremitage of Santa Caterina

Located on a panoramic hill overlooking the majestic Lake Maggiore, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina is a place steeped in spirituality and a living testimony of millennial history. This refuge, immersed in the quiet of nature, is an oasis of peace and contemplation for travelers looking for serenity.

The Millenary History of the Hermitage

The roots of the Hermitage of Santa Caterina date back to the 8th century, and its history spans eras and transformations that have made it a centre of devotion and reflection for both the faithful and curious visitors.

Harmonious architecture and enchanting views

The architecture of the hermitage blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The medieval structures, simple but suggestive, are perfectly integrated with the natural beauty, creating an environment that inspires the sacred and invites contemplation. The panorama that opens in front of those who visit the hermitage is a living painting that extends over the sparkling waters of Lake Maggiore.

Monastic life in continuous evolution

Throughout the centuries, the hermitage has welcomed monastic communities dedicated to prayer and meditation. Even today, monks and nuns continue to live here, carrying on the spiritual tradition and opening their doors to guests in search of reflection and inner peace.

Spiritual paths immersed in nature

The Hermitage offers spiritual paths that guide visitors through ancient paths of prayer. These paths, immersed in the lush nature that surrounds the hermitage, allow you to live a unique experience of connection with the divine. Walking in these sacred places offers moments of introspection and spiritual renewal.



Experience the millenary magic of the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, where history blends with spirituality in an eternal embrace.


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