Located on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, the Rocca Borromea at Angera rises majestically, offering spectacular scenery and an immersive experience. Founded in the 13th century, the Rocca has passed through crucial eras, becoming a strategic point of defence and an icon of power in the region.

Fascinating history:

The history of the Fortress is a compelling tale of conquest, nobility and refinement. You will explore past eras, from medieval architecture to Renaissance transformations, telling the stories of the illustrious figures who left their mark on its thousand-year history.

Architetecture and design:

The architecture of the Rocca Borromea is a superb example of medieval engineering. The mighty towers, richly decorated rooms and frescoes tell forgotten stories. Through detailed images and in-depth descriptions, you will immerse yourself in the magnificence of every architectural detail.

Guided tours events and exhibitions

We will offer a unique virtual experience, allowing you to explore the Rocca through detailed guided tours. Stay up to date on events and exhibitions organised at the Rocca. From concerts under the stars to art exhibitions.

How to reach the Rocca Borromea of Angera:

La Rocca Borromea di Angera, situata sulla sponda lombarda del Lago Maggiore, è facilmente accessibile da diverse direzioni:

By car:

If you are travelling by car, follow the road signs to Angera. The Rocca is well signposted, and once in town, you can follow the signs to the parking area closest to the Rocca. Visitors coming from Milan can drive along the A8 motorway in the direction of the Lakes, taking the exit for Sesto Calende and continuing towards Angera.


By train:

The nearest railway station is Angera. From the station, you can take a taxi or use local public transport to reach the Rocca.

By boat:

Lake Maggiore offers an attractive way to reach the Rocca by water. From various locations on the lake, you can take a ferry that will take you directly to Angera. Once disembarked, the Rocca can be easily reached on foot.

Local public transport:

From Angera, you can use local public transport services, such as buses or shuttles, to reach the Rocca.


The Rocca has dedicated parking areas. Follow the signs for the nearest car parks and plan your arrival in advance to secure a spot.


Enjoy your trip to discover this historical treasure overlooking the beautiful Lake Maggiore.


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