Welcome to Stresa, one of the gems of Lake Maggiore, where the lakeside walk becomes an enchanting experience and the magnificent Villa Pallavicino adds a touch of charm to this unique journey.

Stresa lakeside promenade

What to do:

1. Glimpse of the Borromean Islands:Enjoy spectacular views of the Borromean Islands as you stroll along Stresa’s lakeside promenade. The perspective of the islands at sunset is particularly impressive.

2. Explore the Villa Ducale Park: Stop in the Villa Ducale Park for a peaceful walk, surrounded by century-old trees and colourful flowers.

3. Stop at one of the lakeside cafes : Take a break at one of the lakeside cafes. Enjoy an Italian coffee or ice cream while admiring the picturesque landscape.

What to See:

– Villa Ducale:A historic villa with well-tended gardens, offering breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

– Chiesa di Sant’Ambrogio:A charming church in the centre of Stresa with a bell tower soaring above the landscape.

Villa Pallavicino: Gardens and Animals

What to do:

Explore the Botanical Gardens: Villa Pallavicino is famous for its lush gardens. Lose yourself among the centuries-old trees, flower beds and enchanting fountains.

– Meet the Animals: The park is home to a variety of animals, including kangaroos, deer and peacocks. Feed the animals at the designated areas and enjoy close contact with the wildlife.

– Butterfly Garden: Pay a visit to the Butterfly Garden, a tropical habitat that is home to thousands of colourful butterflies.

What to See:

– Palazzo Pallavicino: the main villa, dating from the 19th century, is open to visitors on certain special occasions.

– Zoological Park: in addition to wild animals, the park is home to a variety of exotic species in its zoo.

Practical Tips:

– Opening Hours: check opening hours for both the lakeside promenade and Villa Pallavicino before your visit, as they may vary depending on the season.

– Combined tickets: some options offer combined tickets for the lakeside promenade and Villa Pallavicino, offering a cost saving.

Exploring Stresa’s lakeside promenade and immersing yourself in the magic of Villa Pallavicino is an experience that combines natural beauty, history and wildlife charm. Whether you are passionate about gardens, culture or simply looking to relax, this destination on Lake Maggiore offers a complete experience.


Enjoy your trip!


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