The Sacro Monte of Varese is a sacred place and a UNESCO site located near Varese, Lombardy, Italy.

The Sacred Mount of Varese

The Sacro Monte of Varese is a spiritual and cultural pearl located on the hills surrounding the city of Varese. This UNESCO site is famous for its fourteen chapels, each dedicated to a mystery of the Rosary, dotting a scenic route and offering an extraordinary experience of faith and art.

History and Meaning:

Built between the 16th and 17th centuries, the Sacro Monte di Varese was conceived as a place of pilgrimage and contemplation. Each chapel is adorned with frescoes and statues that tell the stories of the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, creating a unique spiritual path.

The Chapels:

The fourteen chapels present works of art by well-known artists of the time, and each is a masterpiece of architecture and devotion. Visitors can admire the beauty of paintings, sculptures and decorations that make each chapel unique.

The Path of Pilgrimage:

The Sacro Monte offers visitors a suggestive pilgrimage route. Through a path surrounded by nature, pilgrims climb the hills while contemplating the episodes of the life of Jesus. Each chapel is a moment of reflection and prayer.


Enchanting Panorama: Panoramic view

The elevated position of the Sacro Monte offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Varese and its surroundings. The combination of sacred art and natural beauty creates an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation.

Events and Celebrations:

The Sacro Monte hosts religious events and special celebrations throughout the year. Pilgrimages, processions and moments of prayer enrich the spiritual life of the place, involving the local community and visitors.

How to reach the Sacred Mount:

The Sacro Monte is easily accessible from Varese. Visitors can reach the base of the route by private or public transport and then start the suggestive walk through nature and history.

The Sacro Monte of Varese is a place of extraordinary beauty and spiritual significance, inviting visitors to explore their faith and enjoy a spectacular panorama as they walk this unique path.


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