Lake Como offers a fascinating blend of natural beauty, history, and culture; from the lush gardens of its historic villas to the picturesque villages dotting its shores.

Villa Carlotta: A Garden of Art and Nature

Located in Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta is a must for those visiting Lake Como. Famous for its gardens that bloom in spring and for its art collections, the villa offers a perfect combination of culture and nature. Walking among classical statues and fountains, you can admire the botanical variety of the garden and the works of art that adorn the interior of the villa.

Como e Lecco: Culture and history

Finally, the cities of Como and Lecco, at the two ends of the lake, offer a dip in the local culture and history. Como, with its imposing Duomo and medieval walls, and Lecco, with its mountain views and relaxed atmosphere, are perfect destinations to complete your visit to Lake Como.

Explore by boat

A unique way to appreciate the beauty of Lake Como is through a boat tour. These trips offer a different perspective, allowing you to admire the historic villas and breathtaking landscapes from the lake. Boats also connect different locations on the lake, making it easy to explore different countries in just one day.

Lake Como is not only a place of extraordinary natural beauty, but also a treasure trove of cultural, historical and gastronomic experiences.


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