Welcome to the Sacro Monte di Varese, a destination rich in spirituality and surrounded by unspoilt nature. Trekking on this UNESCO site will take you through wooded paths and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding plains and Lake Varese.

Preparation for Trekking

Necessary Equipment

Comfortable Trekking Shoes: give priority to comfort, as the route may present variations in terrain.

– Appropriate clothing: wear light layers, especially if you plan a longer hike. Take a waterproof jacket with you in case of rain.

– Light backpack: with water, light snacks, and a map of the route.

Sacro Monte trails

Main Path:

The main path will lead you through the 14 frescoed chapels, each representing a moment of the Stations of the Cross. The gradient is moderate, making the route accessible to all levels of walkers.

15 Chapels Trail:

For those who want a more challenging walk, the 15 Chapels Trail branches off from the main path. With an even more panoramic view, it leads through dense forests and offers unique views of the surrounding region.

Trekking Highlights

Frescoes and Chapels

Each chapel along the route is adorned with magnificent frescoes, telling the story of the Passion of Christ. Stop to admire these artistic masterpieces and take the opportunity for silent contemplation.

Views from the summit:

Reaching the top of Sacro Monte will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Po Valley, Lake Varese and the Alps. It is the ideal place for a restorative break and to capture unforgettable images.

Practical Information

Opening Hours: check the opening hours of Sacro Monte before you leave, as they may vary according to the season.

Local Guide: if you wish to deepen your experience, consider the option of a local guide who can enrich your knowledge of the history and spirituality of the place.

Hiking time: The duration of the trek depends on the length of the chosen route. Calculate 2 to 4 hours for a complete visit.

Trekking on the Sacro Monte of Varese is an experience that combines nature, history and spirituality. Enjoy the beauty of this unique place as you immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature and spiritual heritage.

Enjoy trekking!


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