Located in the heart of Lombardy, the Brabbia Marsh Nature Reserve is a natural jewel that offers a refuge to a wide variety of flora and fauna. An adventure in the swamp is an immersion in the unspoilt beauty of nature.

The wealth of the swamp

The Brabbia Marsh is renowned for its biological richness. It houses a wide range of plant species, from water lilies to marsh reeds, creating a mosaic of colors and unique shapes. Bird lovers will have the opportunity to admire a myriad of species, including herons, mallards and numerous raptors.

This nature reserve is a sanctuary for wildlife. Walking along the paths, you can spot gray herons fishing, turtles enjoying the sun, and ducks ploughing the calm waters of the marshes.

Naturalistic paths

The Brabbia Marsh offers nature trails that allow visitors to explore the beauty of the reserve in a sustainable way. Well-marked trails lead through breathtaking landscapes, offering unique photographic opportunities and moments of contemplation.

The Reserve Visitor Centre is the ideal starting point for your adventure. Here you can get detailed information about the fauna and flora present, participate in guided tours and deepen your understanding of the importance of the conservation of this precious ecosystem.


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